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Travis Barker is desperate to change his custody agreement with his ex, Shanna Moakler, because he says she's exposing their two children to drugs and guns.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles and obtained by TMZ, Travis says Shanna is neglecting 12-year-old Landon and 10-year-old Alabama and misusing the child support money that she gets from him.

He's not overly specific about his guns and drugs allegations, or other issues he has, but he indicated that he wants to make changes to their agreement pronto.

Travis said in the court documents that he discovered that Landon was "roaming around" Calabasas during February with a 15-year-old girl without Shanna's knowledge, implying that she is unfit.

In other parts of the documents the Blink-182 drummer claims that she sends their children to school without lunches.

Along with the custody agreement, Travis is trying to pay less in regards to his child support. The court documents indicated that he pays $18,000 a month to Shanna. However, he wants to drastically cut that down, as low as $2,900 a month.

The reason: he thinks Shanna isn't using that money on the children, but rather on herself.

Travis, while acknowledging that he has tens of millions in assets, said he should be paying less because he's now making less. When the former couple initially struck their deal, Travis was pulling in $2 million annually, but last year he said he made a measly $600,000.

Travis is often seen with their kids at events. In fact, he brought them to the Grammy awards on Feb. 15.

His kids, he says, take after him musically, largely because he made it like that.

"When they were really young I had them both playing drums," Travis told E!. "I basically told them at any point if someone puts sticks in your hands because you're my kids you have to know what to do with them."

Both Landon and Alabama said they love playing the drums and flexing their musical muscles, but since growing up a little bit they've become a little more selective with their talents. Alabama, Travis said, "can still play [the drums] but she prefers piano and singing." Landon, like dad, still bangs away at the drums.