Oh, what Usher would give to have a bigger, uh, emoji.

The singer trended worldwide Thursday after he took a naked photo of himself in a steam room and posted it to his Snapchat. In the pic, the used an emoji to cover his nether region.

The problem, though, is that the emoji wasn't big enough to cover his man parts, and certain areas of his anatomy were shown to the world.


Usher captioned the photo by saying he was "blowin off steam."

There is a, ahem, big conversation about whether he intended to show off a part of his manhood on purpose, but there is certainly no confirmation on that. He did, however, take to Twitter to imply that he knew what he was doing.

"Get in my world on Snapchat.. howusnap," he wrote with a winking face emoji. He followed that tweet up by saying, "Get in my world on Snapchat."

Clearly, he's driving a lot more traffic to his Snapchat right now and showing off something that should probably only be seen by wife, Grace Miguel, whom he secretly wed in September 2015.

As expected, the social media world went crazy with the pic, with Usher's private parts being a hot topic of discussion.

"Let me just say I'm so glad I started following @Usher on snap chat last night," one girl tweeted.

Another person said, "Ladies STOP what you doing and follow usher on SNAPCHAT!"

Yet, at least one person had a different take on the situation. "Now I'm not approving of or dissing posting nudes but why is it when Usher posts one he's 'godly' but when Kim K does it she's a 'sā€”-?," one commenter wrote, referring to Kim Kardashian West's topless selfie that had everyone talking in early March.

Judging from the Internet's response, the majority is certainly saying "Yeah!"