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This got a little too real, even for reality TV.

"Black Ink Crew" star Puma's wife was allegedly assaulted at the premiere of "Central Intelligence" and he says he knows who was responsible for at least plotting the attack: two of his co-stars.

The VH1 reality show is about the dysfunctional relationship among its employees at a New York tattoo shop, but the bad blood has spilled over, even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Puma and his wife were at the movie premiere two weeks ago and were taking pictures in the lobby of the theater when he says a woman blindsided his wife Quani, hitting her in the face. A full-fledged brawl ensued.

According to TMZ, who has details of the fight, Puma didn't recognize the fist-throwing woman but says that his "Black Ink Crew" co-stars Ceaser and Dutchess, who were also at the movie premiere, organized the vicious attack.

The woman was apparently an "intern" for Ceaser and Dutchess, but the two told the celebrity website that Quani was the attacker, not the attackee, saying that Puma's wife hit the woman with a folding chair, similar to professional wrestling.

After the fight, Puma took to social media, but stopped short of actually naming names.

"U guys sent some girl to hit my wife and wasn't expecting my wife to whoop her a-- u can look at my hands no marks cuz I never hit nobody," he tweeted. He later added, "Oh how small the planet is lol the truth will come out soon."

The intern filed a police report, but she didn't name any names in it.

After the fight, Puma retweeted several witnesses comments, all of which imply that his wife was the person attacked.

"Like I'm a psycho running around beating random strangers and sending to the ER just cuz cmon now," he said afterward.