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And the beef goes on. Just a day after Vin Diesel confronted Dwayne Johnson about disparaging comments he made on social media, reportedly about him, Vin wrapped his final scene of their movie "Fast 8" and left, even though he's a producer of the film.

The feud is "not resolved," TMZ reported on Wednesday.

Vin reportedly wrapped his final scenes for the popular franchise's latest film around 1 am on Wednesday. To add another layer to the beef, some of those final scenes were with The Rock.

"Almost as soon as the director called cut Vin gathered everyone and said he was leaving," TMZ said, adding that Vin thinks of himself as a father figure on the set. "During his speech he said, 'Daddy's gone.'"

The studio did clear him to leave before he did so.

According to reports, the set has been tense, to say the least, ever since Dwayne used his Instagram to call out his male co-stars.

"Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don't," he said in a lengthy post this week. "The ones that don't are too chicken s--- to do anything about it anyway. Candy a--es."

It was later reported that Vin was at the center of The Rock's ire.

"Vin went to Rock's trailer and demanded to know why he was talking trash," TMZ said. "The two spoke privately inside but we're told they did not squash their beef."

One source said the fight is all about big egos.

Insiders have pointed out that Dwayne took a subtle shot at Vin during his HBO show "Ballers," as well, when he says he is "bigger and better looking" than his frenemy.

The Rock will finish shooting "Fast 8" on Thursday, whereas the film is set to wrap next week.

Even though Dwayne was entirely complimentary about his female co-stars in his rant, many of them are upset with him for his post, as are many of the men.

"This is a hell of a way to end [filming,]" a source said.

Many assumed that the Rock, who always seems to be a professional, would offer an apology for the fiasco. That has not been the case.