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Wanna live like James Bond? Well, you're going to need to get your hands on some serious cash.

According to CNBC, you'd need $1,500,000 to live like 007. In honor of the 24th Bond film, "Spectre," the site has compiled a list of the secret agent's priciest items.

In the latest movie, Bond (played by Daniel Craig) drives one heck of an expensive whip, an Aston Martin DB10. The car from the film is not for sale, however Aston Martin did just release a DB9 GT Bond edition car, which is priced at $253,000.

In the film, Bond jets off to Mexico for the Day of the Dead Festival and then on to the Austrian Alps. The site says that five nights in the Alps and another five nights in Mexico would cost around $2,100.

During the spy's visit to the Alps, he outfits himself in a knitted sleeve bomber jacket and pants designed by Tom Ford, which retail for $3,820.

As we all know, the ladies man loves his gadgets, and in the new movie, Bond uses the Xperia Z5 smartphone, which retails at around $840, and wears an OMEGA Seamaster 300 watch, which costs around $6,000.

In the Bond books, the international man of mystery has a flat off King's Road in London's upscale Chelsea area. CNBC priced an average one-bedroom apartment in the area at $1,223,000.

Of course, we'd all love to know how much Bond's income would be as a member of the British civil service.

"After some debate in the FCO press office we think Bond most approximates to a D7 salary (that at least is the level a colonel would be in the Ministry of Defense)," a spokesperson for the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office told CNBC. "Of course, Bond's job doesn't really exist so it's impossible to really say!"

The D7-level job reportedly earns $104,800 a year, however Bond's position is a bit out of the ordinary -- so how much this fictional character would make in his fictional job will just have to be another one of life's great mysteries.