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Sarah Michelle Gellar is giving us all some words to live by.

The 38-year-old actress may have been slaying television in her twenties, but even she could have used some advice back then.

In an interview with "The New Potato," she admits that although the "advice would definitely fall on deaf ears" at the time, she would tell herself "to appreciate the little moments, to stop and enjoy life a bit more."

She adds, "I think in my twenties I kept thinking I had my whole life ahead of me, and things could wait. But the truth is, you never know how life can change in an instant; the people that you thought would always be there may not. Now having kids, when they stop on a walk for twenty minutes to look at a leaf, I try and take that time too."

With her two children Charlotte and Rocky, adoring husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and new company Foodstirs, Sarah has a lot to smile about these days. So it's no wonder why her words of wisdom also include her pearly whites.

"Honestly, I don't care what they say about smiling causing wrinkles, happiness is my key to everything," she tells the website. "Glowing definitely works from the inside out. That being said, water, keeping yourself moving, and sleep are definitely important."

This is all good advice, but Sarah doesn't believe in bad advice. "It's all about what you do with the information," she explains. "If someone advises me to run into oncoming traffic, then that is useful information for me, as I now know that this is not a person to look towards for advice and ideas."

It sounds safe to take yours, Sarah!


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