Prince is dead, David Bowie is gone and somehow Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are still married -- what we are saying is times are tough and confusing. But fret not, mon ami, there's a ray of light in these dark days -- and that hope comes in the form of a tiny British prince named George.

So here are five reasons why we think Prince George is our last, best hope:

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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1) George knows how to wear a robe.

Hugh Hefner just turned 90, it's time to get real -- the media mogul is on his last legs. That means at some point in the coming years, there will be an opening for a celebrity robe wearer. It's unwritten rule that society must always have a celebrity who rocks comfy robes on the reg and we think that when the time comes, Prince George is just the (tiny) robe-wearing man to fill Hef's shoes — or slippers in this case.

BTW: We think we're on to something here because the $39 blue-and-white gingham bathrobe the stylish 2 year old wore to meet President Obama on Friday has already sold out. What the world needs now isn't more love (although we're not opposed to more love), it's more of those My 1st Years terrycloth robes!

2) Like all great leaders, George knows how to ride a horse.

Great leaders through time have been pictured riding horses. Whether it's Napoleon Bonaparte riding atop his white steed, Alexander the Great battling on horseback or Zorro (yes, we know he's not a real person) galloping off on his Andalusian -- legendary men showed their prowess by traveling around on the glorious beast.

Now the world has seen the wee royal perched upon his wooden horse, looking like the strong royal that he is -- ready to command the toy troops and battle all who dare enter into his bedroom in Kensington Palace.

Seeing George on the wooden mammal, which was gifted to him by the great President Obama (although we don't know what he looks like in a robe so we don't want to heap too many praises upon him), we can see that no matter what comes our way, George, like the real and fictional iconic equestrians before him, will be able to help us trot into the future with panache.

3) George knows how to change with the seasons.

People need to be flexible to be successful. They can't always stick with one style -- some people change too much (eh hem … Madonna … eh hem … meltdown) or others not enough (we're looking at you, Robert Smith). George has demonstrated that he knows how to switch things up with the times and the seasons. Did you see Prince George in his winter's best? He was crushing it in his ski suit.

George has exhibited he can wear tiny shorts and tiny knee socks like nobody's business, but it looks as if he's also able to mix things up no matter the weather.

If Jon Snow is right (and not dead) and winter really is comin' — at least George can show us how to do it in style.

4) George has no time for fads, but he can still kill it in the accessory game.

Instead of choker necklaces and flash tattoos (how are those a thing?) — George is all about keeping things classic. Don't get us wrong, the kid knows how to wear an accessory but he isn't fazed by trends — they're fleeting! The two-year-old knows that the best way to dress up any ensemble is with a classic backpack and a smile.

5) George knows how to share the spotlight.

George knows it's not all about him all the time (even though OMG it is so all about George all the time) -- he gets that sometimes he has to share the spotlight -- like with his sister Charlotte (who's cute, but is definitely no Prince George).

What we are saying is that yes, Kim Kardashian has suddenly become the most famous person in the world we've said "Blac Chyna" more times in the past two months than we've said our own names -- but there's still hope for us all. Great things come in little, rosy-cheeked packages.