She has more than three million subscribers on her Blogilates YouTube channel and inspires an online community of fitness fans.

But earlier this year Cassey Ho shocked her loyal followers after she revealed a dark time in her life when she took dieting and fitness too far, which saw her spiral into what she called a "type of eating disorder."

Four years ago, while preparing for a bikini contest, she cut out fruit and carbs in a bid to get a sculpted supermodel-like figure. (She actually shared a photo on Instagram earlier this year showing her at that stage in her life, compared to her healthier figure of today.)

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Before and After. 📷 4 hrs a day of working out vs 28 min and 40 sec a day. I remember looking back at the pic on the left and thinking ugh I wish I had stayed that lean, why did I let myself go? Now I know why. I had to, in order to fight for balance and happiness again. I can't tell you how HAPPY and AT PEACE I feel with my body now. ❤️ I love it for what it can do, not purely for how I look, and THAT thinking right there is what changed everything for me. I really want you guys to join in on the #PIIT28 Challenge March 1st! Remember even though it's a 28 day challenge, you get a lifetime membership to the PIIT28 Portal and access to your guides and exclusive videos FOREVER. Personally, this will be my second round of PIIT28 1.0 and I know it's going to kick my butt AGAIN. The 28 Day Reset is yours to keep for life as well since there are 150+ recipes in there to keep you eating healthy for a long time. You guys can get the guides separate or together in a combo pack. AND...If you successfully finish PIIT28, I'll send you an exclusive tank top 👚 that you can only EARN! On Tuesday March 1st, we kick off PIIT28 with a free full length live class on at 10am PST!! So join me, the Blogifam, and my friends for some real sweat and tears. It'll be soooooo fun! Are you in!!!? ⭐️⭐️

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Ultimately though, as Cassey explains to Entrepreneur in a new interview, she regrets the extreme measures she went to in the quest for the "perfect" figure.

"Was it really worth it to have skinnier arms and a six-pack, so that I couldn't even think and run my business?" She went on to answer her own question emphatically, "No way."

But these days, Cassey says her relationship with food is improving each day.

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Jumping cuz that's what I do when I get super happy! 😊 Guys I'm so proud to say that I'm partnering with @Aerie this swim season to show you how true beauty radiates in a bathing suit. 👙 It doesn't matter how your body looks - it's about how YOU FEEL and what YOU CAN DO that actually matters. 👊 Take off your towels this swim season, don't be afraid to wear a bikini and stop hiding your body! The more you do that, the more you actually start to believe there's something wrong with it. So I challenge you guys, my #Blogifam girls @lexilonglegs27, @popster_leslie and @xogingy to join me and post your own unretouched swimsuit pics, because for every pic, with #AerieREAL @Aerie will donate $1 to NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association. How amazing is that!!?? Let's do it together POPsters! 👭

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She went on, "I want to be able to look at food as a way to nourish my body, not as the enemy."

And it's good to see that Cassey has now managed to release herself from the hell of dieting, something she described in the interview as like being in "jail."

In fact, on April 27, 2016, the Pilates instructor posted a photograph on Instagram, showing her ready to dig into a giant stack of buttermilk pancakes.

In a message accompanying the snap, she explained, "It has always been my ✨DREAM✨ to do one of those food challenges where you have to finish an obscene amount of food in a limited time period."

And while she only managed to consume less than a quarter (and "almost exploded" afterwards) it was still not a bad feat considering the size of the stack.

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It has always been my ✨DREAM✨ to do one of those food challenges where you have to finish an obscene amount of food in a limited time period. So last night, we went to MAC 24/7 in Honolulu where they have the Macdaddy Pancake Challenge - finish this HUMUNGO STACK of buttermilk pancakes in 90 min and you get a t-shirt and your face on the wall of fame. 🏆 After 8 YEARS of boasting that I could hands down finish this thing without a problem...I FAILED SOOOOO HARD! 😳 I ate way less than a quarter and almost exploded. Hahaha. I promise to all my friends that I will no longer be so cocky about my food eating skills. 🍽 In the mean time, I need to digest and work on my other talents. 😜

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Cassey's story is something that can inspire us all and reminds us that life is about balance.

Look no further than her Instagram account to see the beautiful images of food she intersperses with her fitness photos, from healthy smoothies and salads to the occasional sweet treat for good measure.

At Wonderwall, we're heartened in the knowledge that food is no longer Cassey's "enemy."