Tyler Oakley says 2015 was the best year of his life -- and with a book and a documentary under his belt, it's not hard to see why.

The 26-year-old digital star, who has almost 8million subscribers on his YouTube account, shared an almost 5-minute-long video on his channel on Jan. 13, 2016.

In the clip, Tyler breathlessly reels off his hectic year, which included the release of his book "Binge" along with his behind-the-scene documentary "Snervous."

He also detailed his 70 flights around the world, bringing his "Slumber Party" tour to the West Coast of the U.S. and the $500,000 he's raised for the Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention to suicidal members of the LGBT community.

At the end of the video Tyler thanks his fans by saying, "Thank you so much for being part of my year. 2015 was the best year of my life."

Tyler is also promising to direct message any of his fans on Twitter who were present for any of his moments of 2015 featured in the video.

Posting on Twitter, he wrote, "RT if you were there for any of it, I'm sending DMs to people who do!)"

In December last year, Tyler spoke to Wonderwall.com ahead of the release of his documentary "Snervous" and opened up about coming out to his parents.

Opening up about what it was like revealing his sexuality to his parents, he said: "When I came out to my parents, my mom and step-dad were great, and I talk about it a bit in my book and I show it in the movie, but what I haven't done yet is explore the relationship with my [biological] dad," he said.

"That's really an incredible moment at least for me to watch in the movie. I have a really honest and raw conversation with him about coming out and identity and acceptance.

"A lot of times you hear stories about 'one of my parents didn't accept me' and sometimes that feels like the end of the story but there's so much more to the journey of people coming around, and I wanted to show that in the movie."

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