It's ain't easy seeing Yeezus. Kanye West's New York Fashion Week show on Wednesday was so secretive and difficult to get to that several people felt as though they were being "kidnapped."

Kanye, er rather his team, sent an email to guests of his Yeezy Season 4 collection show early Wednesday morning telling them where to be. From there, guests boarded a pre-arranged shuttle that was taking them to an undisclosed location.

The mystery of the show was fun for many people, but the good will soon ended for many of the guests as they were stuck on buses for hours and caught in New York traffic.

According to the invitation, guests were told to be at the pickup location 90 minutes before the show, which was only six miles away in Roosevelt Island.

Many top fashion critics and writers complained of the secretive production and tweeted out not only their displeasure, but also the anger of others on the bus.

"Overheard on the Yeezy Season 4 bus: 'It feels like we're being kidnapped,'" wrote Gerald Flores, the editor-in-chief of Sole Collector.

Elizabeth Denton, a digital editor at Allure, said that "everyone on the Yeezy bus is so unhappy."

One Twitter user said, "We're still on the bus. We are on 57th and Fifth Ave. The bathroom door is broken. Yeezus, save us?"

Another user spoke about the malfunctioning door that continued to bang against its door frame during transit.

Fashionista editor Alyssa Vingan Klein actually wrote, "[Please] send help" while aboard a bus in response to someone else who felt "kidnapped."

Once the buses arrived, guests found out that the show was starting an hour late, but they also noticed that the fashion show was actually taking place outside an abandoned Smallpox hospital. That, of course, led to many jokes, but also some respect.

"#Yeezy is contagious. #yeezyseason4 @Smallpox Hospital," Sally Holmes, an editor, said.

Alyssa, who was previously critical of the bathroom door situation, said. "[Shout out] to Kanye for shuttling a thousand fashion people to the smallpox hospital to kick off #NYFW. Power move."

Then, though, she was confused, tweeting "[Anna Wintour] is here! Did they chopper her in? I need answers. #YeezySeason4."

After all was said and done were the fashionistas impressed? No.

"All anyone can talk about is how big of a disaster #YeezySeason4 was," Elizabeth Denton said. "Does that mean he'll get a season 5? Prob."