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As the seasons change, so do the fashions, and who better to call upon for spring style advice than one of the best in the fashion business, Rachel Zoe?! The designer and stylist recently opened up her first-ever retail space, a pop-up shop at The Grove outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles, and Wonderwall.com caught up with her to see what she's predicting will be "major" in spring!

Rachel -- who's dressed the likes of Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence -- tells us her spring collection incorporates all the elements she predicts will be massive as the weather gets warmer.

"Lots of fringe, lots of lace, ruffles, really beautiful textures and fabrics, just lots of femininity but easy effortless dressing," Rachel explains. "Kind of feminine tailoring mixed with menswear, kind of like frilly dresses but with a suit jacket on top. Just kind of mixing the masculine and feminine."

For those on a budget, Rachel shares the one piece necessary to help transition your wardrobe into the next season. "There's this beautiful brown suede jacket with leather tassels, and it's so easy to just throw on over everything!" she says. "Like jeans and a T-shirt, or any kind of sundress, or denim shorts and a tank. It's super easy to work in and get a lot of style out of it."

The stylish mother to 4-year-old Skyler and 2-year-old Kaius also reveals which supermodels she'd love to see sporting her line: "I'd love to see Gigi [Hadid], I'd love to see Kendall [Jenner], I'd love to see Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss... there's so many! They're so incredible, these women."

Fans based in Los Angeles looking to sneak a peak at her latest collection are in luck. The star's first brick-and-mortar store at The Grove houses her latest looks as well as some of her classics. "My spring collection is there right now and [so is] my core collection," she adds, "which are pieces that are always in my collection season after season, like jumpsuits, suit jackets, great blouses and trousers, things like that."

By developing a retail space, Rachel's able to do something she's never done before. "It's so amazing. It really is so incredible, I -- for the first time -- can actually get a message out there that I want to with my collection," she explains. "I can actually control the image and the feeling and the atmosphere and the store and the windows and everything, which is so exciting."

When deciding where to place her first store, Rachel turned to a spot that was familiar. "I picked The Grove because it's really obviously an incredibly popular fashion shopping destination that everyone in my life spends so much time at. I thought the opportunity was so exciting to be able to just be a part of that, be a part of the fashion landscape that exists there," Rachel adds. "It's a great family place, it's a great place to just go and hang out for several hours, and I just feel like to be a part of that is such an honor."