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Kate Moss, with her 5'7",100 lb. frame, was the face of the early '90s heroin chic modeling movement, but it took time to get to the top. She was actually discovered at 14 at JFK on the way back from a Bahamas vacation, but couldn't find work because glamazons like Cindy Crawford were favored in the '80s. She instead focused on graduating from high school and building her portfolio (with help from then boyfriend photographer Mario Sorrenti) and in 1992 took a career-changing meeting with Calvin Klein. Her topless jeans ad hit magazines and billboards in 1993, immediately stirring controversy, ushering in new denim trends and often getting defaced with graffiti reading "Feed Me." Working non-stop for six years, partying hard and surviving a four-year intense (as in trashing hotel rooms intense) relationship with Johnny Depp landed Moss in rehab for "exhaustion" in late 1998, where she put on a few pounds that were a hit at the 1999 Versace show in Milan. After having daughter Lila with publisher Jefferson Hack in 2002, she hooked up with yet another bad boy, rocker Pete Doherty, in 2005 and rumors of cocaine use started to spread. Later that year, the Daily Mirror ran a front-page shot of Moss allegedly snorting cocaine. Moss immediately lost contracts with H&M, Burberry, Chanel and H. Stern, which cost her an estimated $4 million. She issued a public apology, headed for another stint in rehab and was back in action with 10 major campaigns in fall 2006. Moss, who launched a collection for Topshop and finally rid herself of Doherty in 2007, married The Kills rocker Jamie Hince in 20 11.