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Stewart Cook / REX / Shutterstock / Rex USA 1 / 8

Those wedding bells are getting closer and closer for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

A new report in Us Weekly says the duo are "starting to finalize" wedding arrangements, and they have already met with vendors who will make their wedding day picture perfect.

Officially, neither Blake nor Gwen have publicly confirmed that they are engaged, but multiple reputable outlets have reported that they are betrothed. In September, a source told Us that the couple hopes to marry "before the end of the year."

Also in September, Gwen stopped by Ryan Seacrest's show and was asked if she and Blake would get married. "Everything is going so quickly," she replied. "I'm in the moment and, um, look at me, you've got me tongue-tied."

In early April, there was talk Blake was thinking about popping the question.

"I look at this year and I think, 'I just feel so awake,'" Gwen explained Ryan. "I feel so alive and so grateful ... this year has been so full of so much joy."

The couple began dating while working together on "The Voice" last year, and, more importantly, while they were both going through similar divorces. Blake's split from Miranda Lambert and Gwen's unexpected breakup with her husband and the father of her three children, Gavin Rossdale, took place around the same time and were both very public.

"I won't forget that day. I looked over at Gwen — who I didn't really know — and she had these huge tears in her eyes. I thought, 'Wow, she feels super bad for me!' She didn't tell me much, because we didn't know each other at the time, but she said, 'I'm going through something very similar to what you're going through. I understand. And I hate it," Blake told Billboard this summer.

"That's kind of how our friendship and bond started, that day. It went from that, to checking in on each other once a week through email — 'This s--- happened to me, what happened to you?' — to maybe three times a week, then every day, to 'Hey, here's my phone number if you ever want to text,'" he continued. "Next thing I know, I wake up and she's all I care about, and I'm ­wondering if she feels the same about me."