Model Brooklyn Decker had a crazy day recently that started with pumping her breast milk and ended with a glass of wine.

Trust us when we say it's a huge deal when a new mother has to go on a trip and leave her baby for the first time. Some would argue it's a traumatic experience.

On Wednesday, April 27, Brooklyn was on a plane headed home after her first time away from baby Hank, her son with husband Andy Roddick.

According to the model, the flight was delayed and passengers were told they could deplane while a mechanical issue was addressed. That's when Brooklyn decided to head to the bathroom and pump her breast milk. When she returned 15 minutes later, she says the gates were closed and she wasn't allowed to re-board.

As upsetting and frustrating as that experience undoubtedly was, Brooklyn did the only sensible thing she could think of: enjoy a glass of wine.

While Brooklyn didn't name the offending airline, her husband had no problem calling out Delta for the craziness. The tennis champ took to Twitter to air his frustration.

Back in March, the young mom told People that she is more passionate than ever about education since the birth of her son. She also said she and Andy spend most of their time staring at Hank. "We just stare and any sort of giggle we attribute to us being hysterical parents, which is not the case at all," she said. "That is really all we do."

She added that they, like most parents, have really high hopes for their son's future. "We want him to win the Masters and become the President of the United States, all in one year. And win Think it Up because he's such a brilliant globally thinking entrepreneur at the age of 14. But no pressure."

Like a great husband, Andy added, "He'll be fine. He has a good mom."

We have a strong feeling that baby Hank better get used to flying because his mother just might insist on bringing him along on future business trips.