Ed Sheeran is showing off his newfound weight loss in his new music video "Shape of You."

The video is quite apropos, as it features Ed working out in a boxing gym. He goes shirtless in the video, showing off his recent 50 pound weight loss (and yes, you even get a slight glimpse of that infamous lion tattoo).

Released on Monday, Jan. 30, Ed is seen sprinting, flipping tractor tires, pushing heavy weights and generally hitting the cardio hard in the video. But, recently the singer said that his slimmed-down figure had more to do with his diet than it did with his workout regimen.

Shape of You video out now - https://atlanti.cr/shapevid

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In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he said he cut out beer for a year and his waistline was thankful.

"I doubled in size. Sweatpants were the only things that fit, and I thought everything had shrunk in the wash, but it hadn't," he explained. "It was the beer. Well, I'm back on beer now, because I'm fine, but I cut out beer for a bit and started exercising, which was quite weird. I didn't realize how much I burned on stage. I stopped touring, and I just ballooned instantly."

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His performances, though, not typically packed with theatrics, burn a lot of calories, he said.

"I jump up and down on boxes, when I'm finished I'm drenched in sweat. I do jump around quite a bit," he said. "And just under those lights, just sweating, you drop off a bunch."

See the video and Ed's new body in the video below: