Elle King revealed on Instagram that she had actually eaten muffins laced with marijuana before walking the Grammys red carpet on Sunday, Feb. 12.

In sharing images from the red carpet, Elle looks a little glassy-eyed and she decided to poke fun at herself.

"Note to self, don't eat a bunch of pot muffins before the Grammys red carpet. #AccidentallyHighAF," she wrote on Instagram, along with a still shot of herself during an interview with E!.

Note to self, don't eat a bunch of pot muffins before the Grammys red carpet. #AccidentallyHighAF

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Elle and Dierks Bentley were nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance category for their song "Different for Girls." (The award went to Dolly Parton and Pentatonix for "Jolene.")

Elle unapologetically shared another image of herself from the awards show while she wore a flower crown, implying that it was a mistake. She said she was "accidentally high" and didn't realize she looked like a live version of a popular Snapchat filter until her friends told her.

Finally, the "Ex's & Oh's" singer and daughter of actor Rob Schneider shared a video of an interview she did in which the host asks why it's harder for women to get over breakups than men.

"Because guys have never had a period," she said.

She then apologized to her mom for her answer and her actions.

"This is what happens when you're accidentally rly stoned at the Grammys," she captioned a video of her answer, posted to Instagram. "You see something shiny, forget that you're on camera, then forget the question, then remember no one should ever let me be interviewed. #SorryMom #StonedAtTheGrammys."