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Over the weekend, it was reported that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had split up over claims that he cheated on her. Sharon even kicked him out of the house.

For at least 48 hours, he hadn't been seen by anyone.

According to the U.K.-based The Sun, the couple's son Jack Osbourne had been desperately trying to reach his father but has failed. In fact, it seems that nobody was able reach him or knew where he was.

On May 9, though, the rocker was spotted walking around Los Angeles, holding his dog, all while still wearing his wedding ring.

"Jack tried to get hold of Ozzy because he thinks he might talk some sense into him," a source told the newspaper. "He and his sisters Kelly and Aimee are worried about him and a bit shocked by what has gone on. But Sharon is in an unforgiving mood and does not want him in the house, so it's a difficult position."

Sharon, Ozzy's wife of 33 years, believes that the legendary rocker has been cheating on her with a 45-year-old celebrity hairstylist named Michelle Pugh. Sharon had apparently suspected something was going on for a while, but she found definitive proof recently.

The couple has broken up several times during their marriage and in March Sharon said Ozzy had even slept with two of their nannies when their children were young.

This time, though, it seems she isn't as quick to forgive.

"Sharon has got a fiery temper, but after [an argument,] they often kiss and make up," the source said. "It is a bit different this time, though, and she is extremely angry with Ozzy."

After Sharon kicked Ozzy out of the house, it was believed he went to the Beverly Hills Hotel, but he left shortly after. For days, his children tried contacting his rumored mistress to see if she knew his whereabouts, but she didn't turn up for work on Saturday, leaving them high and dry.

"Ozzy is in a hotel somewhere and has taken his credit cards and some money with him," the source said. "But he is not brilliant on his own and is a bit like a puppy — he goes missing but then usually turns up sooner or later."

There isn't a fear that he is in physical danger (ie. sleeping on the streets), but rather a fear that he could delve back into old habits. Ozzy has famously battled alcohol and drugs in the past, but has reportedly been clean for some time. Friends and family fear he could fall off the wagon in lieu of his split.

On Saturday, he told E! news in a phone conversaton, "I have been sober for three-and-a-quarter years. I have not touched drugs or alcohol in that time. Any reports that I am not sober are completely inaccurate."