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Is "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson dating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

That's the latest speculation, according to a new report from Page Six.

Anderson, 49, has raised eyebrows every time she visits the Australia-born computer programmer-turned-journalist, 45, who lives inside Ecuador's London embassy.

He's famously been stuck there since he applied for political asylum in 2012.

Anderson -- a passionate animal rights activist -- has visited Assange four times in the past three months, according to Page Six, and has been photographed bringing him lunch and other edible treats when she visits.

"She seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits," one political activist told the New York Post's gossip column.

The report goes on to discuss the links both Anderson and Assange have to Russia.

It notes that Assange is believed to be well-connected to the Kremlin since much of WikiLeaks' material reportedly comes from Russian hackers, and that Pamela has repeatedly visited Russia for paid personal appearances as well as to speak about wildlife conservation with Sergei Ivanov, who's Russian President Vladimir Putin's chief of staff.

Page Six also notes that though Anderson and Putin haven't met, as far as anyone knows, "Putin, like most red-blooded males, is a fan," a source told Page Six, noting that Assange is too.

Assange is still wanted for questioning in Sweden over rape allegations -- which he's denied -- stemming from a 2010 case and famously negotiated to remain inside the embassy to avoid extradition under a European arrest warrant. The fear has long been that he could then be extradited from Sweden to America over his role in making public hundreds of thousands of secret government files.

Anderson has previously been married to Rick Salomon, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee and has dated scores of famous men including Scott Baio, Bret Michaels, Kelly Slater and Marcus Schenkenberg.