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In something that has become a rarity, Josh Duggar actually got some good news for a change.

A stripper who had previously accused Josh of sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions has admitted that she lied about the encounters and dropped her lawsuit against the much-maligned former reality star.

In November, Danica Dillon filed a lawsuit against Josh saying that he assaulted her while they had rough sex which "felt as if she were being raped." She was asking for $500,000 in damages.

In her lawsuit, Danica said she met Josh at a strip club in Philadelphia and he paid $600 to the club to get several lap dances from her. She says Josh then followed her to her hotel room and they agreed to have sex for $1,500.

She claimed that Josh was temporarily remorseful and he found her at a strip club a month later, coming to apologize. However, she said he assaulted her again when they were alone.

Josh, though, had maintained that he never met the woman, nor had he even been to the club where she worked, nor was in the state of Pennsylvania when Danica said the incident occurred. Turns out, this was one of the times where he was truthful, something he isn't exactly known for these days.

In dropping her case, Danica has promised to never file a case against the "19 Kids and Counting" star again. In return, according to TMZ, Josh agreed not to file documents which proved Danica lied about the incident.

Considering his fairly abysmal public persona, Josh and his family will take a victory any way they can get it right now.

Josh continues to be treated in sex rehab after cheating on his wife with multiple women, admitting that he molested several girls as a teenager, including his sisters, and admitting that he is addicted to pornography.