Nicki Minaj NOT Pregnant, Says Rep

Nicki Minaj is not pregnant. Gossip Cop can officially put to rest months of unsubstantiated speculation. A rep for the star exclusively tells us she is not expecting.


MediaTakeOut, HollywoodLife and other outlets have spent the last few months speculating Minaj was pregnant with her first child. Most recently, MediaTakeOut alleged in a story on Wednesday, "A pregnant Nicki Minaj stepped out for the first time in months to the Lakers game last night. She looked cute in a very sexy outfit that noticeably hid her stomach area."

The site goes on to contend Minaj has "put quite a bit of weight," and asserts, "Loose fitting shirts, large patterns, and wide belts are often used to cover up small bumps, and that's all we've seen Nicki Minaj wearing on her rare outings." Opines the blog, "We don't know why she'd try to hide it… Taking a break to be a mom is not going to damage her career."

Still, the outlet is missing a lot of key information and instead asks a lot of questions. For instance, it's noted that Minaj and Nas have split, yet the online publication wonders, "But if he's the daddy – what does that mean for their relationship? Could it be back on?" And since Minaj is releasing new music this week, MTO also questions, "Is she doing a Cardi B and rolling out the music quickly before she's too far along?"

Then, further showing that it isn't knowledgeable enough to support its own premise, the website tells readers, "Take a good look at the pictures below. Baby or nah?" If MediaFakeOut, as the site is commonly known for its tendency to spread misinformation, really knew for sure that Minaj is expecting, it really wouldn't matter what the pictures do or don't indicate. But now Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

A rep for Minaj exclusively tells us the rapper is not pregnant, and calls all of the speculation "so silly." The performer has not been trying to "hide" a baby bump because she's not carrying a child. And a nonexistent pregnancy had nothing to do with her decision to retreat from the spotlight. As TMZ reported in February, Minaj simply chose to step out of public view as she worked on her new album.

Sure enough, now that the record is finished, Minaj returned to Twitter this week for the first time since December to celebrate two new songs, which dropped on Thursday. She is focused on this next chapter of her career, not having a baby. It's also worth remembering that MTO also claimed Minaj was pregnant in January, and alleged she was going to "announce her bundle of joy around the Grammys." Of course, no such announcement ever happened because she wasn't expecting then, nor is she pregnant now.

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