The new Aaron Carter isn't afraid to get emotional.


The pop star, who recently came out as bisexual on Twitter on Aug. 5, has had a rocky summer. In June he opened up about being body-shamed by his fans shortly before being hospitalized, and he followed that up with an arrest for charges of driving under the influence and marijuana possession in July.

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Finally, just days before he announced his sexuality, he split from girlfriend Madison Parker.


Now, after getting honest with fans about his true self, Aaron performed at gay bar Hamburger Mary's on Aug. 10 and broke down on the stage.

The bar, which happens to be located in his hometown, Brandon, Florida, was the site of his first performance since the very personal announcement.

A video obtained by TMZ showed footage from the concert, where Aaron pointed out specific men in the audience, labeling them "gorgeous" and "kind of cute" before explaining, "I am who I am and I'm going to play you guys a song that no one has ever heard and it is called 'Hard to Love.' Because, to be honest with you, I'm really f------ hard to love."

He added that the song was about his ex, Madison, before performing it for the crowd. Once the emotional tune was over, Aaron proceeded to cry, stepping away from the microphone.

He shared a video from after his breakdown on Twitter, writing alongside the clip, "So overwhelmed right now with the love and energy from you tonight Tampa! #LØVË"

This new, candid Aaron is right in line with the honesty he's been sharing on social media. His Aug. 5 Twitter post announcing his bisexuality was similarly frank, opening up about the fact that he'd had experiences with men and loved people of both genders.