A former star of The CW's "Smallville" is a high-ranking member of a sex cult, according to a bizarre new report.

The group is called DOS, and it's supposedly a secret society within another group called NXIVM, which poses as a run-of-the-mill self-help organization.

On Nov. 8, a former spokesman for NXIVM told The Sun that a "Hollywood actress" is a "key recruiter" for the DOS, which allegedly stands for "dominus obsequious sororium," which is Latin for "master over the slave women." On Nov. 9, the Daily Mail identified the actress as Allison Mack, who starred as Clark Kent's sidekick, Chloe Sullivan, for 10 years on "Smallville."

Rachel Worth / WENN

Frank Parlato, the former spokesman, claims Allison, who has not starred in anything since 2015, is second to the group's founder in terms of seniority.

"Mack has several slaves of her own who are then ordered to recruit a group of slaves themselves, and it spreads down from there like a pyramid scheme," the Daily Mail claimed on Nov. 9.


Frank said 70 to 80 women are "trapped" in the group and are subjected to brainwashing, blackmailing, abuse and even branding -- the women are reportedly branded like cattle with the initials of the group's leader, Keith Raniere.

The story, however strange, is slowly building steam. Last month, the New York Times wrote about NXIVM, which it says is based in Albany and has chapters across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Earlier this week, former "Dynasty" star Catherine Oxenberg claimed her daughter, India, is also a part of the group. Mail Online says Catherine has met with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office about NXIVM.

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"I'm desperate to save my daughter," Catherine told a friend before the meeting, according to the New York Post. "I want to help the other young women. I am desperately hoping the authorities take notice and investigate."

She added, "Some people have said this is a voluntary sorority. The women I have spoken to tell a far different story. Coercion is not voluntary. Extortion is not voluntary. Blackmail is not voluntary."