Frances Bean Cobain and her ex-husband, Isaiah Silva, have finally settled their property dispute, and he will keep one of rock music's most iconic guitars under the agreement.

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Frances and Isaiah finalized their divorce last last year but have been arguing over property since then. One of the points of contention was a 1959 Martin D-18E guitar that her father, Kurt Cobain, played on "MTV Unplugged." It's believed to have been the last guitar he played before his death in April 1994.

According to TMZ, Isaiah now officially owns the piece of rock history. The website notes that Frances simply wanted Isaiah out of her life for good, and the sooner, the better. When her dad committed suicide, she was only 1, so ownership of the guitar wasn't exactly tugging at her heart strings.

Frances, 25, actually did well in the divorce, too, TMZ says. The model doesn't have to pay her ex any spousal support, despite him asking for $25,000 a month. She is also not on the hook for any of his bills, and she gets to keep the house they bought.

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The two had been battling over the guitar for more than a year. In 2017, Frances asked a judge handling their case to force Isaiah to give up the guitar, which he said in 2016 he intended to keep because he believed Frances gave it to him as a gift after their 2014 wedding.

TMZ reported last year that the guitar was once insured for $1 million and given its ownership history and the fact that the model arrived on the market in 1959 and was discontinued within a year likely means it's worth "several million" dollars today. The bridge and nut on Kurt's Martin guitar had also been replaced to enable Kurt, a lefty, to play it upside down.

In 2016, Kurt's widow and Frances mother, Courtney Love, said the guitar is "a treasured heirloom of the family's."