"Friends" and it's fans are on a break! Permanently.

For years, fans of the NBC show have clamored for a reunion, but the cast and creators have often said that that wasn't likely to happen. Now, "Friends" co-creator Marta Kauffman is putting the final nail in coffin.

"Nope! Never happening," she told Us Weekly. "I know, [rumors] happen all the time! Not happening. Not ever."


The uber-popular show ran aired from 1994 to 2004 and, to this day, is still widely watched in syndication.

Last year, Martha told Us Weekly that she was surprised at how popular the show still is, 13 years after its last episode aired.

"For me, why go back to that territory again? I get to do [on Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie'] what I loved about 'Friends," which is, make a show that's got some hope and joy to it and explore something completely new," she said. "That was about a certain time in your life, and I had just left [the] 'Friends' time."

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In early May, Jennifer Aniston, who starred as Rachel Green, said that "Friends" wouldn't work in the day and age because of technology.

"We were jokingly saying that if 'Friends' was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones," she said on Arianna Huffington's new Thrive Global Podcast. "There would be no actual episodes or conversations."

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In 2014 she joked that she that she had a few ideas for a reunion, but one of them was awfully morbid.

"Honestly, we should just wait," she told Graham Norton. "I say we just wait until we're really much older and just be Golden Friends."

The host said he liked the idea of a reunion being so "grim and depressing so no one will ever want to see it again."

Jen quipped, "Dead Friends."

"It could just be a series of funerals," Graham said, to which Jen retorted, "Then we'll know that there's no reunion to have."