The Hadid family is taking over the modeling world in Europe, but it has nothing to do with Gigi, Bella or Anwar. It's their cousin who is set to become a modeling force in Holland.

Elle is reporting that Joann van den Herik, Yolanda Hadid's 18-year-old niece, has signed on as a plus size model with International Model Management and Maxime Models.

A quick look at Herik's Instagram page indicated she's all about accepting and embracing her body.


In late October, she shared an image of herself in her bra. She said she was terrified to post the image, but that's exactly why she did it.

"I have fatrolls, I have stretch marks. It's so easy to look in the mirror and feel disgusted by the things you don't like, but I don't want to do that anymore. I don't wanna hide my 'ugly' side, I want to show it more often, because I've accepted it," she said. "I love my body. Guys and girls, it doesn't matter if you don't have a sixpack, or a size zero. You're just as beautiful as everyone. Don't try to compare or compete with others, your body is a temple which you should care and love for. Don't let your mind bully your body."

She shared a similar image a few days later, recalling how she used to feel about her body.

"When I was younger I always was so happy when it became winter so I could hide my body. I hated the summer, I'd have to wear shorts otherwise I'd sweat to death????," she said. "I thought my legs were so fat! I was so afraid what people'd think of me. I was always like 'omg they're probably look at my fat legs' or 'omg they're probably laughing at me because my hips are big.' So stupid, because you should wear whatever you feel good in and don't care about other people's opinion.

"It just makes me sad that people judge each other on things they wear, if someone wants to wear shorts skirts and tops, let them be. If someone wants to wear the biggest sweater ever, let them be. If someone wants to wear something YOU THINK is hideous, let them be. Let people feel confident in their outfit. They're wearing it for a reason. So if you have a fatrolls and you want to wear a croptop just DO IT! Today, I'm posting a photo in my underwear because I too have fat and I don't care because I LOVE MY BODY!"