Sweet Yeezus, Kanye West is moving back home.


On Sept. 17, Kanye attended an event in his native Chicago with Chance the Rapper, and he told the crowd that he was about to be their neighbor again.

"I wanna thank my brother Chance for bringing me back to Chicago," he said. "So, the first thing on my mind is I gotta let y'all know that I'm moving back to Chicago, and I'm never leaving again."

TMZ reported that Kanye's Windy City move doesn't necessarily mean that he's abandoning Los Angeles and taking his wife Kim Kardashian West and their three kids with him.

The couple, TMZ notes, has already found a home in Chicago, and Kanye wants that to be his permanent residence. However, the couple plans to keep all of their properties in Los Angeles. Kanye also plans to move his Yeezy offices from Calabasas, Calif., to Chi-Town.

"Kanye views it this way," TMZ reported, "that he will have a home base in Chicago, but apparently he believes he can have more than one home base."

The rapper has never shied away from his love of Chicago (he and Kim even named their 8-month-old daughter Chicago).


He recently also hinted about having more of presence in his hometown.

"We're putting a Yeezy office in Chicago," he tweeted on Sept. 9. He followed that tweet up with another, reading, "I will teach a course at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art."