Oh, deer. Kendall Jenner is again causing online controversy, this time for sharing an image of a small deer to Instagram, but failing to tag the owner of the image.

Regina Wagner/Future Image/WENN.

This, of course, is a big social media faux pas. And, of course, Kendall is no stranger to controversy.

Earlier this week, the reality TV star-turned-model shared an image of a small deer nestling in a bed of purple flowers. She didn't comment on the image, nor tag anyone in the image. Bella Hadid also shared the image to her Instagram story -- she, too, never tagged anyone in the snap.

Many of Kendall's 87 million Instagram followers were quick to point out that the actual owner of the photo is Fuzzy Fawn, an organization that rescues and rehabs needy deer.

"Give credit to the rescue that actually took this photo and help the animals out," one person said. Many others simply tagged Fuzzy Fawn after first being alerted to it by a TMZ report.

The organization, however, seems to be less upset than many of the Kendall's critics.

On Feb. 1, Fuzzy Fawn reposted the photo and gave Kendall a pass.

"The infamous photo!!," Fuzzy Fawn said "Do I think she took it from my gallery, Absolutely not.... Any exposure helps my cause that I put my heart and soul into 24/7!! Everything I do is for the fawns in my care! I always appreciate you having my back, helping and supporting my efforts. People can pretend to be whoever they want on social media, post a picture with a caption and boom, you just invented a person that you are not in your everyday life."

The statement continued, "What surprised me this morning was a long time follower who said she had to unfollow and block me because of what "I" did, going to the press!! In over 500 post and captions I have been nothing but honest and consistent with who I am and what I stand for. If you can easily dismiss me because you read an article from a rag magazine, please unfollow now. I love my instagram family but I did not ask for this kind of publicity."