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Kim Kardashian under fire for posting topless pic taken by 4-year-old daughter

Kim Kardashian West is under fire (again) for posting a topless picture to social media (again). This time, though, the controversy surrounds the photographer.

The photo was taken by her 4-year-old daughter, North.

Jaxson / Splash News

Kim posted the image on Feb. 8. The image is taken from behind her as she looks in the mirror. Her bra is unfastened in the back and she covers her breasts in the dark snap. The image is already somewhat risqué, but the fact that North can be seen in the corner taking the snap is what really got the Internet hot.

The mother-of-three didn't hide the fact that her eldest took the snap, captioning the image, "[Photo] by North."

"Why Kim?? Seriously you are her role model," one person wrote. "There's so much good and beautiful about you and your family. Why cheapen it? You don't need to."

Another was far more blunt, saying, "You're a completely disgusting mom."

"The last thing your daughter should be taking pictures of is you taking your bra off. Way to teach em young," another said. Others called it "distasteful."

"Kim i loveee you but girlll," one person commented. "u went to far involving north."


Some others came to Kim's defense.

"No woman on here can judge or criticize Mrs.@kimkardashian! You all are on here with your million and one selfies in your bikinis and gym outfits showing your backs too! (Yes, it's a back people) #mombullying needs to end!," one supporter said.

"Yessss!!! North is fierce photographer! Love this!," another said.

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