Want "clap back" lessons from the master? Well, you're in luck. Kim Kardashian West is offering up lessons on her craft.

Unsure of what "clap back" means? Don't worry, Kim has you covered on that too.

Defined by Kim as meaning "to return fire, to return a diss," the superstar took to her website and app on August 9 not only to explain the meaning, but to school fans on the art form.

Flanked by her close pal Jonathan Cheban, Kim posted the full video on the topic on her site while announcing that it's "#ClapbackSeason."

This comes on the heels of her very public feud with Taylor Swift, where Kim pulled off the ultimate clap back -- shutting down Taylor's shade.

After Taylor repeatedly insinuated she was offended and hurt by her inclusion in the lyrics of Kanye West's "Famous," Kim took to Snapchat in July to share a video of her husband on the phone with Taylor, who gave her consent and even thanked Kanye for the nod.

In light of Kim pulling off one of the best clap backs of all time, the star's video reflects on what makes her want to fight back.

"When I feel like someone is being fake is the time that I'll say something, and it's usually really publicly," Kim explains.

The comment seems to be taking a jab at Taylor, who was being fake about her response to Kanye's song.

As for other times Kim thinks it's necessary to clap back? Well, she tries not to do it often.

"I personally take the high road most of the time," Kim noted.

Taking the high road usually applies to those Kim refers to as "the biggest losers" -- the people who say outrageously mean things in order to rile her up and get a response.

In the event that Kim doesn't want to take the high road, she lets pal Jonathan vet her responses -- and captions.

Kim cites the time that she landed the cover of Forbes magazine and really wanted to clap back at haters with her caption, but Jonathan had better advice.

"You were the one that was like 'no this is such an honor, such a cool thing don't write a snarky caption, but at the end write a cute hashtag,'" Kim tells Jonathan.

Kim's pal's contribution? The "cute" hashtag, #NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent.

Overall, Kim's biggest tip on clapping back is simple -- "Do whatever makes you feel good, like if you feel like talking s--- to someone go for it."