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Mick Jagger is planning for the future -- his unborn child's future.

The Rolling Stones frontman, 73, has negotiated a financial deal with ballerina Melanie Hamrick, 29 -- who's pregnant with his eighth child -- to provide for her and the baby after the little one arrives in December, reports Britain's Mirror.

"Mick has always taken his responsibilities seriously, his child with Melanie will be no exception," a source told the Mirror.

He's alleged to have made it clear he has no intention of marrying her, but will honor his responsibilities to the child.

"They're not in a serious relationship but they're both happy and remain very close," the source said of the pair, who've been casually dating for two years.

"This [deal] gives Melanie and the baby the assurances they need," the source added. "She'll get a substantial allowance and Mick will pay for housing wherever Melanie decides is best."

Although Mick was said to have been surprised by the pregnancy news, which first made headlines in July, he's prepared to give Melanie a five-figure sum every month -- $15,000 is the amount currently being reported -- until their child reaches adulthood.

Plus a house.

Melanie currently lives in New York but is reportedly considering a move to Los Angeles, where Mick -- who's also a great-grandfather -- often visits, or possibly to Connecticut, where she would be close to family members.

According to the report, Melanie -- who was a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre -- conceived Mick's child while the Rolling Stones were touring in South America earlier this year.

Melanie is Mick's fifth baby momma. The rocker's other children currently range in age from 17 to 45.