Earlier in the week, there were unfounded reports that Nicki Minaj and Nas were expecting a baby. A new report says those reports are false, but said that there is a new huge development between the rap stars: They've broken up.

TMZ reported on Jan. 4 that Nicki and Nas broke up "a few weeks ago" after the romance essentially ran its course. The report indicated that long-distance dating was simply too much for the duo.

Getty Images for Hennessy

Nicki and Nas have known each other for years, but romance rumors hit a fever pitch in May 2017 after she posted an Instagram image of them cuddling up at his Sweet Chick restaurant in New York City. They were also spotted at the same restaurant on April 30 (Nas is an investor). In September, they cozied up at his birthday in New York City, and a report indicated that they FaceTimed everyday and texted with each other throughout the day.

TMZ claims that the rappers are focusing on their professional lives now. The report indicates that they still "respect each other," so don't expect their romance to be used as rap fodder in any tracks. However, it seems that perhaps there is a small amount of animosity since TMZ added that Nicki and Nas "won't be hanging out as friends either."

Although they were Instagram official, the duo never formally confirmed their relationship. Looks like they won't have to now.