Paris Jackson is pushing back against the Australian press in a big way.

Chris Putnam/REX/Shutterstock

The teen has been in the Land Down Under for the week, as she attended the Melbourne Cup. She recently tweeted about how excited she was to go to Australia for the first time, but on Nov. 9, seemingly upon her departure, she railed against the "monstrous media" for almost ruining her trip.

"It breaks my heart to have visited the most beautiful country I've ever seen and may ever see, and meet the kindest most genuine people, and then be shredded to pieces by their monstrous media," she captioned a photo of the Great Barrier Reef. "Despite the nasty and cruel words, I still can't wait to come back. Thanks for the support aus tabloids, you guys are fantastic and I hope you feel big and strong for tearing down a teenage girl."

Paris took to Twitter to also voice her displeasure with the Aussie media, too, especially after the Herald Sun published a photo of her making funny faces along with the headline "Wacko Jacko 2.0."

She called the tabloid "cowards."

"I couldn't care less what they call me tbh but adding the '2.0' is their way of dragging my father into it and THAT I will not stand for," she tweeted alongside a screenshot of the newspaper. "Again I couldn't care less what they call me, its the principle."

Her Australian visit was marred by another controversy, too. Earlier in the week, she posted a photo of herself with a dingo. She captioned it, "a dingo ate my baby." The phrase became has become a meme over the years thanks, in part, to a memorable "Seinfeld" episode. However, several locals were quick to point out that the line stems from a terrible real-life event in which a woman's baby was abducted. At the time, in 1980, she screamed, "a dingo ate my baby."

Paris took down the image and shared a heartfelt apology.

"I was referencing a meme," she wrote. "I had no clue it stemmed from such a tragic and horrific incident. My sincerest apologies, from the bottom of my [heart.]"

She added, "The last thing I want to do is offend anyone, especially a nation that I so deeply admire and appreciate. And i will always try to take accountability. Your media outlets just suck, man. It hurts."