Pharrell Williams was close to taking the stage in Los Angeles when something unexpected (and terrifying!) happened -- he got stuck in an elevator.

Eugene Powers/

A source told the New York Post that the singer was delayed to the premiere of his new Netflix animated series "True and the Rainbow Kingdom" because of the snafu at the Grove.

In all, he was stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes. But, while this was happening, something else unexpected happened.

"Ironically, [his song] 'Happy' was playing on the sound system. He was with his security team and about 12 other people," the source said. "He kept calm and collected until the fire department arrived. They never got the door fully open, so everyone had to climb though the door to get out."


Once the encapsulating experience was over with, Pharrell took the stage.

"Well, we were stuck in the elevator, but now I'm here," he said. "It was hot in there!"