Amid a wave of sexual assault allegations, Russell Simmons has retreated to a yoga resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Page Six TV reported that Russell, a huge yoga fan, is essentially in "the middle of the jungle" at a luxurious Yoga Barn in the village of Ubud, Bali.

"It's a very, very well known yoga center in Indonesia. It's not one of the more luxurious ones in that area, but it is very famous for yoga and spirit teaching and wellness and therapy," Page Six's Emily Smith said. "I think he's chosen it because of its reputation."

Since the Me Too movement caught fire, upwards of 15 women have come forward to accuse the hip hop mogul of sexual misconduct. Some women have claimed he even raped them. The accusations have spanned more than three decades, according to various reports.

In late January, Russell denied the allegations, telling People magazine in a statement that all his "relations have been consensual."

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Interestingly, on the Yoga Barn's website, it condemns sexual misconduct.

"Yoga teachers and spiritual leaders are coming together to proclaim—without any reservation or hesitation—that we do not tolerate sexual abuse, sexual harassment, psychological manipulation, or the deliberate misuse of power," the website states. "Those who stand behind this pledge offer their support to any victims of abuse and join a community of people striving to embody the ethical foundations of yoga."


In his statement last month to People, Russell said, "I am blessed to have shared extraordinary relationships, whether through work or love, with many great women; and I have enormous respect for the women's movement worldwide and their struggle for respect, dignity, equality and power. I am devastated by any reason I may have given to anyone to say or think of me in the ways that are currently being described. In recent weeks, some former business, creative and romantic partners have aired grievances as claims I categorically reject.

"In some of these instances, financial motives and direct contradictory witness testimony has been supplied to the media, which has been completely left out of stories. In the last few days, one woman attempted to extort me for $500,000 only to recant her ridiculous claim. The current allegations sent to me by the New York Times and Los Angeles Times range from the patently untrue to the frivolous and hurtful. The presumption of innocent until proven guilty must not be replaced by 'Guilty by Accusation.'"

He continued, "I have already apologized for the instances of thoughtlessness in my consensual relations. I have separated myself from my businesses and charities in order to not become a distraction. I have re-dedicated myself to spiritual learning, healing and working on behalf of the communities to which I have devoted my life. I have accepted that I can and should get dirt on my sleeves if it means witnessing the birth of a new consciousness about women. What I will not accept is responsibility for what I have not done. I have conducted my life with a message of peace and love. Although I have been candid about how I have lived in books and interviews detailing my flaws, I will relentlessly fight against any untruthful character assassination that paints me as a man of violence."