Day one

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively celebrate 10th anniversary of first date

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are going back to the beginning. 

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On Saturday night, the couple had dinner at their favorite restaurant, O Ya in Boston, which was the site of their very first date. The couple shared several images on their Instagram Stories to document the occasion.

"If it weren't for this place, we wouldn't be together. No joke," Blake sincerely wrote. "No restaurant means more to us."

Blake Lively /Instagram

She also posted another smiling image with her husband, writing, "10 years later. We still go out on our 'first date.' But in much more comfortable shoes."

Ryan, to no surprise, took a little more humorous route, initially sharing a selfie with Blake, saying they were at their "favorite restaurant" with his wife's "4th favorite person." Two hours later, he posted a similar image, but this one less cropped.

"Posting this again because I cut out my wife's cute earrings. She trained me better than this," he hilariously wrote. "Sorry if I let anyone down."

Blake reposted the uncropped image after reposting the faux apology, commenting, "That's better."

Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

Ryan and Blake met while filming 2011's "Green Lantern," which was a box office flop. Warner Bros. had initially planned to make "Green Lantern" a franchise, but plans were scrapped due to the negative reviews and the film's severe underperformance.

Family first

Julia Roberts' husband posts rare photo of twins on 17th birthday

Julia Roberts' husband, Danny Moder, is letting the world see their mini me's.

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The couple is well known to keep their children out of the spotlight, but they made a rare exception on Nov. 28 to celebrate the 17th birthdays of twins Hazel Moder and Phinnaeus Moder.

"these rabble rousers… 17 today. thank you for helping me through fatherhood," Danny captioned an Instagram snap of the kids, both wearing Wonder Woman clothing. 

Friends shared their disbelief that the twins are nearly legal adults. Julia and her cinematographer husband also share 14-year-old son Henry Moder.

Like Danny, the Oscar-winning actress got in her own birthday tribute, too, sharing an image of the kids, but as newborns.

"17 of the Sweetest years of life," she wrote alongside the throwback. 

Julia's niece, actress Emma Roberts, commented on the adorable picture with three heart emojis. 

While it's rare for the couple to publicly post images of their kids, they don't entirely shield them. In May 2019, Danny posted a family photo on Mother's Day.

Also, in July, Hazel was photographed attending a screening of "Flag Day" at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival with her dad, as he served as a cinematographer on the film. 

like mother, like daughter

Lisa Rinna, 58, turns back the clock in age-defying glam snap with daughter

What's in the water?

Lisa Rinna, 58, is looking decades younger in a new glammed-up Instagram snap with her 20-year-old daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin. The photo — which the proud mama shared to promote Amelia's lip kit as part of Lisa's eponymous beauty line — was so flattering that many mistook the two women for sisters.

After Lisa posted the snap on Nov. 29, many of her fellow "Real Housewives" stars called her "gorgeous," "pretty" and "beyond." Fans tossed out words such as "sisters" and "twins."

"STUNNNINNNNNGG!!! Hottest mom/daughter duo," wrote one fan.

Amelia, meanwhile, shared a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot on Instagram. 

"When my mom asked me to create a color that described me.. i was sooo excited. growing up my first memories are of raiding my moms lipstick drawer and trying every single color on. i did this like it was a sport," Amelia wrote in the caption. "i loved trying on all the different colors. this project was really close to my heart."


"being able to create the perfect color, and have it come to light, and watch it grow has been so fun!!!!!" she continued, thanking her mom and the team behind the makeup line for "making all of our 90's greaser dreams come true!!!"

Of the color, Amelia added, "i hope you guys love it as much as i do… it's rly pretty."

feeling 'rubbish'

Keira Knightley's whole family contracts COVID-19

COVID-19 has found its way to the "Caribbean."

In a new chat with The Telegraph's Stella magazine, Keira Knightley revealed that her entire family contracted the virus, prompting them all to quarantine.

Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

"I've got COVID and I'm feeling pretty rubbish," Keira said, noting that she's promoting her new film, "Silent Night," while quarantining.

The Oscar-nominated actress said her daughters — Edie, 6, and Delilah, 2 — and husband James Righton are all fairing better than her. James, she said, is actually asymptomatic.

"[He is] being very smug about it — he is convinced it's because he's one of those cold-water swimmers and I'm not," the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star said.

Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Interestingly, Keira's newest film, which is set during Christmas, wasn't intended to be a a glimpse into the early days of the pandemic, but there are some similarities.

"We were filming scenes about the shops running out of food at the same time as the news was becoming full of stories that all of the toilet paper had gone. It was incredibly strange for everyone," she said. "I think it should come with a warning, because now everybody is coming to the film with a lived experience, hopefully not as horrific as this one, but it has suddenly become a lot more raw."

Keira previously spoke about trying to make the best of being in lockdown (the first time around) for the sake of her kids and her clothes. 

"We have a trampoline in our garden, and we decided we were only allowed to wear dresses on it," she told Harper's Bazaar UK in June. "I put on red lipstick every day, and every bit of Chanel that I have in my cupboard, and my daughter Edie had Chanel ribbons plaited into her hair and fairy wings … I thought, 'What is the point of these lovely things sitting in the wardrobe, when it feels quite apocalyptic and scary outside?' It felt so important to be really happy for the kids!"

Photo issue

Khloe Kardashian facing copyright infringement lawsuit for Bella Hadid pic

Khloe Kardashian is being sued by a photography company for allegedly posting one of its images — a picture of Bella Hadid — to her personal Instagram four years ago.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Back in February 2017, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" alum posted a photo of Bella Hadid wearing Good American jeans. 

"My baby @bellahadid is rocking her @goodamerican denim!! I love you Bella baby," Khloe captioned the images. Bella replied, "Love YOU!!!!!" 

Alo Photography, however, claims it owns that image and argus that Khloe was in violation of "copyright infringement" for sharing the snap. The lawsuit, obtained by In Touch, alleged that Khloe's post cost the agency profits, which it wants to recoup.

"Upon information and belief, the infringements increased traffic to the account and, in turn, caused the defendant to realize an increase in its merchandise sales [for Good American]," the lawsuit says, adding that "a large number of people have viewed" the images. 

Khloe, who founded Good American, has nearly 200 million Instagram followers.

The image has since been removed, although In Touch says Alo Photography is also seeking an injunction prohibiting Good American from using any of their photos on their social media accounts in the future, in addition to the profits "attributable to the infringements" done in 2017.

Doc issue

Country singer Jimmie Allen rips 'lazy doctors' amid newborn's illness

"Dancing With The Stars" contestant Jimmie Allen is publicly ripping the "lazy doctors" who discharged his 5-week-old daughter, Zara, from the hospital on Tuesday night, only to have the newborn end up at a different hospital.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Late on Nov. 23, the country singer tweeted, "Attention Doctors , if the parent of your one month old patient tells you the child [is] having a hard time breathing and the only thing your lazy self wants to do is check heart heart [sic] and temperature find another career. Your job is to save lives so do it."

In a follow up tweet, he added, "Now thanks to the lazy doctors at a hospital in TN that just sent our daughter home, our daughter Zara lost color stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital."

Jimmie went on to thank "the amazing EMT team that brought back Zara's color."

Zara, who Jimmie and his wife, Alexis Gale, welcomed while the singer was competing on "DWTS", can now "breathe again," he said.

The CMA winner added, "Gonna be a rough night."

Jamie Schramm/Country Music Association Inc./Shutterstock

Earlier this week, Alexis told her Instagram followers that both Zara and the couple's 1-year-old, Naomi, were both sick, he she didn't give further details.

She, too, called out the doctors who were caring for the children.

"Turned away by hospital yesterday AM Ambulance at 2AM," Alexis, who is a nurse, wrote on her Instagram Story on Nov. 23. "Basically if your child isn't blue at the lips they will not have answers for you. That's been my last 24 hours."

She continued, "Not one doctor has taken the time to actually listen and make sure she's really okay – 10 min in and outs [sic]. What this nurse mama is seeing/hearing is so frightening."

Fight night

Dean McDermott gets in fistfight amid marital issues

Is he fighting this hard for his marriage?

Amid mounting speculation that he and Tori Spelling are headed toward divorce, Dean McDermott was photographed getting into a heated altercation on Nov. 22 while playing in a hockey game.

Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Page Six published photos (seen here) that show the actor in a full-blown fistfight on the ice.

Both men were in hockey gear and relatively protected, but the intensity looked real. 

The fight comes just a day after Tori fueled split speculation by posting a family holiday card that didn't include Dean or make any mention of him. The image featured the actress, their five children — Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 10, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4 — and several of their pets.

With Dean's absence, one of Tori's Instagram followers sarcastically commented, "Dean must be 'working' out of town and couldn't get home in time for the annual Christmas picture." They also included winking and eye-roll emojis.

Tori replied, "Fact: @imdeanmcdermott was filming his new feature film in Canada." She also added a Canadian flag emoji.

On Nov. 23, Tori posted photos of the children's photoshopped stockings hanging above a fireplace (as part of a paid partnership). She held her own faux stocking in her hand, but there was no sign of a stocking for her husband of 15 years. Fans immediately flooded her Instagram comments wondering where Dean's stocking was.

Divorce rumors have dogged Tori and Dean for months, particularly after she openly admitted to having marital strife with her husband in June, admitting they slept in separate bedrooms inside their home. 


Then, on Oct. 18, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum was photographed outside an attorney's office in Los Angeles carrying a notepad. Zoomed in photos showed the words "custody," "support" and "assets" written on the paper — essentially making it clear which conversation topics were on the agenda for Tori's meeting with her lawyers. A few days later, a source told Us Weekly that Tori "wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now."

Tori is "miserable" in her marriage, the Us source said, but she stays "for the kids." The source insisted that the children "have no idea what's going on."

Social climber

TikTok reinstates alleged account run by Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick's daughter, 9

She's back! One day after Penelope Disick's secret TikTok account was disabled for "multiple Community Guidelines violations," the social media company has reinstated it.

Over the weekend, fans were alerted to an account under the name @blah445087, which was said to be manned by Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's 9-year-old daughter. The bio of the account read, "Kourtney-Penelope" and "account managed by an adult."

Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

As several media outlets and blogs made note of the page, thousands of TikTokers followed the account. However, Page Six reported on Nov. 22 that the account was shut down, likely due to TikTok's policy that users must be at least 13 years old to join. On Nov. 23, the same outlet confirmed that the TikTok is back up and running, but with some small changes — The new account now goes by the name @pandkourt, but the bio still says it's "managed by an adult." There was a request to get 61,000 followers, a number that was quickly reached after reinstatement.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" alums never confirmed the initial page belonged to their daughter, but followers of the account included Kourtney, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner. A recent TikTok post showed Penelope making hot chocolate with her mom — which Kourtney also posted to her own Instagram Story.


Kourtney and Scott have dealt with social media shenanigans from their children before. Last year, their 11-year-old son, Mason, went viral after starting Instagram and TikTok accounts. He even went live on Instagram at the time and started spilling family secrets. Shortly after, Kourtney and Scott shut it down, saying he was "too young."

"He didn't ask us," Kourtney later said. 

Not one to take the loss easily, Mason then started another TikTok account.

"I went viral," he said in the second account. "I would've had 2.7 mil [followers] by now if I kept it up."

Again, Kourtney and Scott deleted the account. 

Wedding update

Jodie Sweetin lost nearly 40 pounds during pandemic due to 'stress'

The pandemic had an effect on both Jodie Sweetin's mentality and her waistline.

While on the "Allison Interviews" podcast, the "Fuller House" alum said she was "a mess" for months, but rather than eating her feelings, she went the opposite way. 


"I was not a fully functioning person," the actress said. "I lost like 37 pounds during [quarantine], because I'm a stress starver, and not in a good way. I just stopped eating. I couldn't keep food down."

The pandemic and the lockdown made her feel "out of control," she said. 

"I have severe anxiety and depression anyway, so it really didn't do any favors for my mental health," she explained. "I really struggled with it, and for me it was a time of feeling really out of control."

Jodie's struggles with mental health have been well documented, as have her past issues with drug and alcohol abuse. She's now been sober 15 years. 

Speaking about the pandemic, the mother-of-two noted that she was lucky to avoid contracting the virus during its height. Her family was also able to steer clear.

"I can only imagine, as semi-smooth sailing it was for us, what other people went through. I think that collective trauma and pain has really affected us, and is really going to affect everyone's mental health in ways that we haven't seen yet," she said. "I can't imagine how it affected people who were working on the front lines."

"People who were nurses, people who were losing family members to COVID. I fell apart and I was managing to do okay," she continued, "but I was terrified for my kids and the world and all of it."

relationship status questioned

Tori Spelling leaves husband off family holiday card, fueling divorce rumors

A picture is worth a thousand words… and one them might be "divorce."

On Nov. 22, Tori Spelling seemed to make a statement while posting an Instagram picture of her family holiday card — one that does not include her husband, Dean McDermott.


"It's that time again," she captioned the photo. "And it's a winter wonderland at my house!" 

Although the post was a paid partnership, she added the hashtag "Family is everything."

The card shows Tori with the five children she and Dean share: Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 10, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4. The text on the card made no mention of Dean, Tori's husband of 15 years. "Happy Holiday With Love, From Our Farm To Your Home! xoxo, Tori & Family," it reads.


Divorce rumors have dogged Tori and Dean for months, particularly after she openly admitted in June that they sleep in separate bedrooms.

Then, on Oct. 18, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum was photographed outside an attorney's office in Los Angeles carrying a notepad. Zoomed in photos showed the words "custody," "support" and "assets" written on the paper — essentially making it clear which conversation topics were on the agenda for Tori's meeting with her lawyers. A few days later, a source told Us Weekly that Tori "wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now."

Tori is "miserable" in her marriage, the Us source said, but she stays "for the kids." The source insisted that the children "have no idea what's going on."