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Suzanne Somers believes that a healthy life in the bedroom is every bit as important as healthy eating when it comes to aging gracefully.

The 69-year-old beauty spoke to Wonderwall.com recently about her age-defying secrets.

"I'm just really enjoying life. I also take no drugs," she said. "There's a new way to do this whole aging thing. I write about it all the time. I eat right, grow my own food, so it works. I think it's all about the food."

For Suzanne, she carefully watches what she puts in her body, including what's actually on the food.

"Food has been so degraded with pesticides. I feel like I'm on a soapbox, but I really believe this talk and life this life. I walk the walk," she said. "I'm writing two books right now and going back to Vegas. But I went out to my garden yesterday and got just as excited as I do when I walk out onto a Vegas stage. Call me crazy, but it's working for me."

It's true. The actress is heading to Sin City to perform, although she's remaining coy about where exactly she will perform and what the show will entail.

But, she said she'll have a Vegas show for 10 years.

Granted, it's a workout being in front of thousands of people on stage, but Suzanne said she's gets her sweat on in other ways.

"I do yoga three times a week," she said, adding, "and have a lot of sex!"

Get it, girl!