Jenelle Evans shocked fans -- and her ex -- when she followed a vehicle and pulled a loaded gun in a road rage incident that aired on "Teen Mom 2" on July 23 -- while son Jace, 8, was sitting right next to her.

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After learning about what happened, Nathan Griffith -- the father of Jenelle's other son, 4-year-old Kaiser -- has vowed to seek custody because he's deeply concerned about their son's safety living with his mother and her new husband, David Eason.

"I think this helps me in my situation, getting custody over Kaiser, because it shows an unstable environment and it shows a very hectic situation instead of being calm and smoothed over, escalating where it could potentially be potentially more hazardous," Nathan, 30, who split from fiancée Jenelle in 2015, tells TMZ. "I think it shows, like I said, that the child might be in danger, being in a hostile situation like that, and [she's] not making sound judgement[s] to keep the children safe."

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Jenelle, 26, also has an 18-month-old daughter, Ensley, with David, 30, whom she married last year. Her eldest son, Jace, is from a previous relationship with ex Andrew Lewis.

"I know [MTV's] 'Teen Mom 2,' they cut out certain scenes and stuff... of course we're going to investigate farther into the raw footage, maybe try to subpoena some of the things to court," Nathan explained to TMZ of his legal strategy. (In 2017, Nathan and Jenelle reached a custody agreement in which he got Kaiser the first and last two weeks of every month, though in recent months, he's been pushing for more time with his son.)

"I can provide a stable and peaceful environment," Nathan, who also has a daughter, Emery, from a previous relationship, tells TMZ.

He expressed a particular concern about gun safety after watching as Jenelle pulled a handgun from her side (MTV chose not air footage of her brandishing the weapon). "I am afraid that if she carries a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it -- [that] is very dangerous to be around children, especially if they don't know... [you] always treat a gun like it's always loaded," Nathan told TMZ.

"I think a lot of their parenting skills lack in quality and I don't think they're properly educat[ing] the children about the guns," he added of Jenelle and her husband, David.

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Despite his differences with David, Nathan said they have the same opinion about Jenelle's behavior during the road rage incident.

"My personal belief, because of her erratic behavior, as you can tell in the video... you know, I don't agree with David a lot but he made a strong statement -- she shouldn't be following not just a grown man home, [but] she probably shouldn't have followed somebody home period, especially with her aggressive personality," Nathan told TMZ, "because, depending on the situation, that guy could have had a gun too and it could have been an all-out brawl, children could have been hurt, she could have been hurt, he could have been hurt, it could have been a nasty situation and a blood bath."