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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship only went public in June, but the duo seems to be headed straight into serious Love Land, quickly.

"Taylor and Tom are in love with each other," an insider told E! News. "He told her she is the kind of woman he wants to spend his life with."

Since beginning their romance, the new couple has traveled to places like Sydney together, and the "Thor: The Dark World" actor even met Tay's mom in Nashville.

"They have gotten very close," the source continued. "[Taylor] is enjoying the time off from working. She has been writing during her travels, and Tom has been an inspiration in her music."

It's usually Taylor's exes that become a part of her new songs -- not current loves -- so maybe this is a good sign for their relationship.

The "Bad Blood" singer is currently wrapped up in a nasty feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over the rapper's song lyrics about her on his track "Famous." But, Tom apparently doesn't buy into the drama.

"Tom is not annoyed by the negative media attached to Taylor," the E! News insider explained. "He knew that would come with the course of dating her. He has been supporting her and enjoying the time he's having with her. They're having a great time and are always laughing."

Right before Tom, Taylor was linked to "How Deep Is Your Love" DJ Calvin Harris for over a year.