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Dianna Agron started taking dance lessons at 3 in San Francisco and participating in productions of “Grease” and “Vanities” in high school. Immediately following graduation, she shuffle-ball-chained her way to Los Angeles to find work as a triple threat. It was a slow start of student films and a made-for-TV bomb called “After Midnight: Life Behind Bars” but eventually she booked one TV guest spot after another on series like “Numb3rs” “CSI: NY”, “Shark” and “Drake & Josh”. She moved up to recurring role on “Heroes” and “Veronica Mars”. In 2009, she clinched the job — playing pregnant cheerleader Quinn Fabray as part of the SAG Award-nominated ensemble on “Glee” — that would make her known the world around and would open the door for her to go big screen (“Burlesque” and “I Am Number Four”). It also earned her a new roommate, her on-screen nemesis Lea Michele, for the first year of the program. The vegetarian and amateur photographer recently booked a thriller with Lena Headey and Patrick Wilson called “Zipper” and a rom-com with Jason Sudeikis called “Tumbledown”. Agron, who earned a spot on People’s Most Beautiful List in 2010, appeared in a Killers music video and directed one for “Body” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.