Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP 1 / 11
Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP 1 / 11

Jennifer Aniston has found her happily ever after. The actress and boyfriend Justin Theroux tied the knot on Aug 5.

Multiple reliable media outlets have confirmed that the duo said "I do" at their $21 million Bel Air mansion. The duo had originally used Justin's 44th birthday as the guise for the wedding, but rumors began to circulate that a wedding was taking place, especially after a pastor was seen entering the property. Also, paparazzi photos showed a large cake being brought into the home that showed Muppet-like characters on top. The female character appeared to be wearing a veil.

The bride and groom were feted by about 70 people, including A-list pals such as Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern, Sia, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Meyer, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ellen DeGeneres, Lake Bell, Scott Campbell, and Terry Richardson.

TMZ reported that a giant shed was built over the past week to hide all the furniture and party supplies, and everything was quickly set up in the backyard on wedding day. The couple also had their pool covered to create more walking space in the backyard. For the celebration, a large wooden deck was set up to transform the "birthday party" into a dance floor for the wedding reception. The elegant setting provided comfortable nooks for lounging and included a raised stage on one end and a bar on the other. Giant tables were adorned with candles and cushioned seating to provide the utmost comfort.

E! reported that even the couple's dogs got into the spirit and that the pair's pooches "got the works" from Spa Dog, an on-the-go grooming service in Los Angeles.

"Guests were told it was a birthday party for Justin," a source told People magazine. "Jen and Justin wanted to surprise guests and guests were certainly surprised."

To keep everything under wraps, Jen made sure the staffers' phones were confiscated all week leading up to the event, and no parking was allowed near the property.

The couple met in 2008 and got engaged in 2012 after costarring in "Wanderlust."

Last November, Jen joked to Ellen DeGeneres that her guests always assume that her parties will turn out to be her long-awaited wedding. This time it was!

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher once assumed a 4th of July party was being used as the cover for a wedding. "They would show up in beautiful wedding wear," Jen said. "Even the 4th of July last year, they showed up, and Sacha was in a powder blue suit, and Isla was in a little cute dress. And we were like, 'Guys, it's the 4th of July. We're in cutoffs and eating hot dogs. We will actually let you know!'"

Because the couple's engagement was so long, many began to wonder if a wedding would ever actually take place. In July 2013, Jen explained why the couple kept delaying their nuptials. "We just want to do it when it's perfect, and we're not rushed, and no one is rushing from a job or rushing to a job," she told the Associated Press. "And, you know, we already feel married."

"We have yet to set any dates," she told The AP. "There have been no canceled weddings. There have been no postponed weddings. There have been no arguments about where to get married. Just clearing that all up."

Shortly after the I-do's, Justin's cousin posted on Twitter and welcomed Jen to the family.

"Welcome Jennifer Theroux!!" she wrote.