Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America 1 / 8
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America 1 / 8

Whoops! The Associated Press, one of the foremost leaders in media accuracy, sent out an alert on Wednesday, Feb. 1 that said Ariana Grande is pregnant!

She's not, to the best of anyone's knowledge.

In a rare mistake, the @APEntertainment account posted a photo of the 23-year-old singer along with the caption, "Ariana Grande is pregnant, guess who's the father? #ArianaGrande."

The post was not up long and was deleted as AP quickly realized the mistake. In an explanation, the news outlets said, ".@APEntertainment has deleted from its account a tweet about Ariana Grande. It was unauthorized. We are investigating."

Ariana has not commented on the falsehood.

The inaccurate post came out the same day that Beyonce announced she was pregnant with twins.

The "Side by Side" singer has been dating rapper Mac Miller since early fall 2016. After weeks of avoiding the topic, she confirmed the romance to Ellen DeGeneres last September.

"This is so crazy. I've never had the relationship talk on a show before," she said to the host as Ellen pressed her, prompting Ariana to squirm in her seat. As Ellen asked if she was happy with Mac, the singer said, "Oh yeah," and ducked under the sleeves of her jacket.

On Jan. 19, on Mac's 25th birthday, Ariana shared a video on Instagram of them dancing in the car.

"Happy birthday to my best friend for life / soulmate," she said of Mac. "I love you with all my heart."

Aside from being a real life couple, Ariana and Mac also collaborated for a song on his newest album.

"We work really well together," he told Complex magazine. "We had a lot of fun in the studio. And I incredible of a singer she is. Our writing chemistry is amazing. Our song came together so nicely and our voices sound so nice together...You'd expect to hear us sing together and go, 'She makes him sound like an idiot.'"