Comedian Artie Lange was arrested earlier this week in New Jersey for possession of heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia, according to reports.

Artie actually reported the news himself, without getting into the details.

"Hey guys. I was arrested. I'm doing great. Physically too! I'm in St. Louis & will be on stage this weekend at The Funnybone! Love u all!..," he tweeted on March 17.

Artie was reportedly in a parking garage in Hoboken, New Jersey and he allegedly had drugs on his person and in his car.

A spokesman for the Hoboken Police Department told the Hudson Reporter on March 17, "Officers responded to the area of 14th Street and Shipyard Lane [where Lange lives] on a report of someone attempting to enter a vehicle that was parked inside the garage. Officer Zeszotarski was able to observe what appeared to be suspected heroin and cocaine inside the vehicle. A male later identified as the defendant approached the officers and confirmed it was his vehicle....A search of his person also revealed several more bags of suspected heroin along with cocaine."

Artie, a star of "The Howard Stern Show," was released from jail.

Artie has a long history of drug abuse and has spoken openly about it in the past.

After his arrest, he praised the local police for their professionalism.

On Twitter, Artie wrote, "FYI The Hoboken Cops treated me so great. Great people. Professional. I thank them for that Now a lawyer tells me what to do!"

He then added, "I wish I could tell u how my story ends. I hope it's being old & smiling cuz of unique memories. But I'm such a flawed person guys. Tryin!"

Guillermo Proano/ 1 / 3
Guillermo Proano/ 1 / 3