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BabiradPicture / REX / Shutterstock / Rex USA

We never thought we'd say this, but we have a new life hero and her name is Enya.

The reclusive and notoriously private 54-year-old singer was named the richest female musician in British and Irish history this month with a $132 million fortune. In additional to this coveted claim, The Sun recently uncovered some rare details about her fascinating lifestyle.

Enya is currently living her best life, residing alone in a massive castle in Ireland. The only other occupants of her home? The security team, staff members, and her cats.

Enya purchased the residence, named Manderley Castle, back in 1997, and then beefed up security in the '00s after several stalkers gained entrance into the home. The singer had iron railings built to flank the walls of the property, and boosted the alarm system in the castle's panic room, solidifying her very own fortress.

After multiple incidents with crazed fans, it's clear Enya prefers the company of cats to humans. The Sun reports that at one point Enya was estimated to have as many as 12 cats at once, who live in harmony with the "Sail Away" singer.

They also note that she prefers this solitary lifestyle, as she rarely has any visitors, including her own relatives. Their sources say she spends most of her time at Manderley Castle working in her studio on her art.

But back to how she affords this lifestyle.

The Sunday Times, who placed Enya at the top of their rich list, estimated net worth at around $132 million. This is a pretty astounding feat, considering the musician has never toured. Her fortune has been amassed almost completely by record sales, with her discography including nine albums, with an estimated 75 million sold worldwide. She also has four Grammy awards, and Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations under her belt.

Despite her fame, Enya has managed to remain an enigma, baffling insiders with her massive success. In an era of oversharing, the artist shares nothing about her personal life, to the point of avoiding press and all social media.

"Throughout the music business there's no one else who is so successful about whom so little is known," a source told The Sun. "She doesn't socialize, she's barely seen out of the house, there aren't any clues in her lyrics about her life. Even at her album launches, label bosses will hold a large event rather than ask her to do individual interviews, as they make her so uncomfortable."

Another source added, "Nobody at the record company thought she'd ever be this big. And it's almost impossible for anyone to become so huge without touring or promotion, let alone singing ethereal tunes in a weirdo language."

Seems like Enya has found a dream in balancing her career and living her best life.