The Internet loves a good conspiracy and there's now a new one that suggests that Justin Timberlake is still in love with his ex Britney Spears. There's even "proof" ... or so many people think.

Many folks yearning for the nostalgic reunion are pointing to an interview Justin did in May (yes, May) with his "Trolls" co-star Anna Kendrick.

About two minutes into the interview, the reporter says the word "pinky," in describing Anna's character. Justin had been happy and smiling up until that point. However, upon hearing the word, he gazes off, looking to be in somewhat of a trance, showing little joyful emotion, although he does gives one quick smile, as if perhaps recalling a moment.

Why would this word set him off, you ask? Because Justin used to call Britney "Pinky" during their three-year romance, which ended 14 years ago.


Us Weekly even went so far as to say that Justin appears "brokenhearted" for the 30 seconds in which he looks down as Anna speaks.

Britney, for her part, affectionately called Justin "Stinky."

In fact, the duo sported the nicknames on the back of their basketball jerseys while playing hoops in a charity game in Las Vegas in 2001.

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Many online muckrakers feel that Justin's reaction to the word is "proof" that he still carries a flame for his ex.

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When they split, there were many reports that Britney cheated on JT with choreographer Wade Robson. Although Justin has never confirmed it, there is wide speculation that his hit "Cry Me a River" was about the "Make Me" singer.

Time appears to have healed the wounds (or maybe hasn't, right conspiracy folks!). Recently Brit was asked about her dream collaborators and she mentioned Justin.

"Aerosmith seems really good and bright. [Frontman Steven Tyler] is a genius, I think. He's very rock 'n' roll. He sings from his soul. Gwen Stefani, I think she's great," she said, before adding, "Justin Timberlake is very good."

Upon hearing this, Justin seemed thrilled, which adds to the conspiracy.

"She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely," he told E! News upon hearing that Britney wants to collaborate. "I have a 17 month old so I don't get the headline news. I apologize for being not in the know."

He added, "I'm accessible, give us a call!"

See the clip of the aforementioned interview below: