Gregory Pace / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA 1 / 8
Gregory Pace / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA 1 / 8

One of the pieces that Kim Kardashian West was robbed of has turned up after the thieves apparently dropped the item, perhaps during the getaway, according to a new report.

TMZ reported that a platinum mounted diamond cross was found by a passerby on the sidewalk outside of the Paris apartment where Kim was bound and gagged and robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 2. The value of the item, the website says, is over $33,000. The pendant was made by famed jeweler, Jacob and Co.

Police are checking the necklace for DNA, hoping to catch a break in the case.

It's been reported that the crooks made off with 13 items. Last week, Kim revealed that the total value of the stolen goods was $5.6 million, not $11 million that many media outlets had reported.

Authorities have yet to arrest anyone in the case and seem to be at a dead end. Last week, Paris police were examining video that supposedly showed the thieves, but last Thursday, multiple reports indicated that the video didn't show clear enough video.

Almost immediately after the horrifying robbery, Kim fled Paris and went to New York. She is now back in Los Angeles.

She and her whole family are certainly shaken from the incident and are reevaluating how they go about their business on social media and in the form of public appearances.

"This incident is making her question everything. How she dresses, what she does," a source told People magazine after the incident.

She has also amped up her security team in the wake of the robbery. She is now reportedly being guarded by former members of the Secret Service, who will be "armed," a source told TMZ. Kim will now be accompanied by at least two body guards at all times, and will be transported in an "armored" car. The level of protection is presidential. Her family is also in talks to beef up its security team.

Since the incident, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is on hold.