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Matt Baron / Rex USA 1 / 4

Judge Joe Brown's long divorce court case is finally over, and he's officially a single man.

Legal documents, obtained by TMZ, show that the TV judge certainly got his fair share from the split, keeping their Tennessee home and a gang of cars, including a Porsche 911, Range Rover, Land Rover and Jeep. He's also keeping a high-end leather reclining chair.

Joe's ex, Deborah Herron, is also making out pretty well. The website said court docs show the former "Judge Joe Brown" star will fork over $2,219 a month in spousal support. She's also keeping most of the former couple's exercise equipment, including a Lance Armstrong spin bike, a stair climber and the Bowflex.

Joe, 69, has not publicly commented on the divorce settlement.

It was once reported that hizzoner made $20 million a year for his syndicated court TV show. The show was canceled in 2013. After that cancellation, a bizarre thing happened to Joe: He was arrested (His now ex-wife remained by his side through it all).

In March 2014 was acting as a lawyer when he showed up in juvenile court and went berserk when the court clerk said that they had no record of the case he was working on on behalf of a female client.

In a recording from the courtroom, Joe scolded the current judge for setting another court date, telling him, "I will file a petition for habeas corpus and close this place down like I did before if you make her come back here one more time."

The judge warned Joe about his combative behavior and eventually found him in contempt of court. The sentence had been delayed for nearly a year and a half as he fought to appeal his sentence. However, after the Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal, Joe turned himself in and served a five-day jail sentence.

"Being inside a jail is like being in the slave warehouse," he told ET after his release. "The problem with being in a jail is not whether you have TV sets, radios or air conditioning. It's the fact that you're confined against your liberty."