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Isaiah Trickey / FilmMagic 1 / 7

Nick Cannon was pretty close to being unemployed because of a race-related joke he made about "America's Got Talent" and NBC executives.

According to TMZ, some NBC executives were furious at the "American's Got Talent" host for making a joke during an upcoming stand-up comedy special in which he claimed network executives wanted him to lose his "black card."

Nick has a comedy special set to air Friday on Showtime called "Nick Cannon: Stand Up, Don't Shoot." According to the report, NBC executives were made aware of the joke while Nick promoted the special on "The Howard Stern Show" on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Execs reportedly thought that Nick was disparaging the network, which is a apparently a violation of this contract, as there is a clause that allegedly bars him from talking about the network without approval.

While speaking about his material on the special, Nick joked to Howard, "First of all, think about it, if they fire me from 'AGT' because things I've said, then I can sue them. I can create whole controversy."

"There were serious discussions about axing him for breach of contract," TMZ's report said.

During the chat with Howard, Nick also acknowledged that fans of "AGT" don't get to see the "real" version of himself.

In regards to the talent show, Howard asked, "You wish you could unleash the real Nick Cannon?"

"We all do when there are boundaries," Nick told him.

Still, the real issued was the "black card" joke. In the end, though, network officials decided that Nick made a passing comment and it was done so simply for a laugh. Plus, Nick and NBC have always had a good relationship, and no one wanted to ruin that.

As of now, the joke is apparently still in the final cut of the already-taped comedy special. Likewise, Nick is still set to film "AGT" next month.

Water under the bridge, folks.