Bonjour, Paris Jackson!

Michael Jackson's daughter is often seen dressed down or perhaps even at a tattoo parlor, but she's gone to Paris (the city, not the woman) to really glam it up.

The 18-year-old is reportedly trying to break into the modeling world. On Wednesday, Jan. 18, she shared an image of herself during a photo shoot in the City of Light, and she looks stunning.

With the iconic Eiffel Tower in the distance behind her, Paris donned bleached blond hair while wearing a timeless all-white outfit with long sleeves. Her gloved hands hold a French and American flag.

She looked very Madonna-esque as male models dressed as military troops surrounded her while holding up peace signs.

The aspiring model captioned her photo in French. Translated, it reads: "I love the French, they are very fun to spend time with."

Paris shared another image of her photoshoot from a farther distance, one shows the scope of the project and one that fully shows the Eiffel Tower.

While in France, Paris is being joined by her boyfriend Michael Snoddy.

On Jan. 17, Paris and the rocker shared an image of Michael kissing his lady love on the cheek while standing under the Eiffel Tower.

I ❤️ Paris! #understatement

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"I ❤️ Paris! #understatement," he said in his caption, which clearly had a double meaning.

Paris has other aspirations aside from modeling.

"Paris is in a very happy place, she is pursuing her creative interests as an 18-year-old woman and feels like this is finally her time," a source close to Paris told Entertainment Tonight. "She wants to try modeling, acting and has been songwriting. She is grateful for the opportunities ahead."