When a deadly earthquake hit Mexico's southern coast last week, "Dancing With the Stars" pro Jenna Johnson's younger brother was at the center of the disaster.

He remained missing as news of the quake and its devastation continued to pour in. But now, she says he's been located and is safe.

"Please, please, please pray for EVERYONE affected by the 8.1 earthquake that happened in Mexico last night.... especially for this little guy who was in the exact city it hit. Still waiting to hear from him. Make sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them," she wrote on Instagram last week, sharing a photo of her with her sib.

On Sunday, Sept. 10, however, Us Weekly reported Jenna's brother had been found.

"Hearing about or going through any type of natural disaster is always a horrible and scary feeling for anyone," she told the magazine in a statement. "There are no words when you have a family member involved, thank you for all the prayers, love and support! We found out he's safe."


Jenna didn't clarify how she got in touch with her brother, but he appears to be OK as the death toll from the earthquake continues to rise.

Ranked as the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in a century, the 8.1 quake affected other celebs as well, including Gael Garcia Bernal, who posted multiple tweets about the effects the effects of the disasters.