Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban "Baby News" Reports Are Wrong

A slew of reports claiming Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have "baby news" and are set to make a "family announcement" about a third child are completely untrue. The fake news was manufactured by the often debunked tabloid New Idea and was lazily picked up by a number of other outlets that didn't bother to fact-check the claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively report, however, it's all untrue.

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The magazine begins by alleging Kidman and Urban have "spilled some news," and in turn their "friends" have leaked to publication that they're going to "have another baby." The tabloid then notes how the couple posted "a picture of them lovingly holding a baby last week, [and now] the world is wondering if they have a special announcement looming." In actuality, the photo Kidman posted to Instagram of her and Urban holding a baby was of their oldest daughter, Sunday, and it was to mark her birthday.

Kidman captioned the image, "Ten years ago today our little girl came into the world. You are our joy Sunday Rose. We love you, Happy Birthday." It would be hard to believe that the "world" would construe parents wishing their child a happy birthday as them having "another baby."

In any event, the tabloid then quotes a so-called "friend" as dishing to the magazine, "Nicole and Keith are broodier than ever, all they do is talk about having another baby." Of course, it's also difficult to fathom that a real "friend" would blab to an outlet about something so personal, especially when that same publication has printed so many falsehoods about the couple. Still, after mentioning how Kidman has talked about having another baby, the magazine writes, "'I still have the faintest hope that something may happen to me this year,' she recently revealed to the Mail On Sunday.'"

Recently? Kidman did that interview about motherhood and other topics more than a year and a half ago. And while the Oscar winner said at the time, "My grandmother gave birth to my mother at 49," the actress is now 51. Additionally, Kidman herself has said "she's done with babies."

Now Gossip Cop understands some people question the word of reps. We certainly do as well. But here Kidman's spokesperson, who's authorized to respond on her behalf, tells us on the record the tabloid's article about the actress and Urban having a third child is "BS." And it's not like the actress also hasn't said she's not having more kids.

To recap: New Idea falsely gives the impression that the couple now has baby news. It then disingenuously takes an Instagram post wishing their daughter a happy birthday and turns it into them randomly "holding a baby" because they have a "special announcement." What follows is a quote from a supposed, yet unidentifiable "friend," who maintains, "All they do is talk about having another baby." And then the outlet uses old quotes that it falsely asserts were "recently revealed."

Mind you, this is all coming from the same habitually discredited outlet that Gossip Cop busted just a few months ago when it ran a cover story that falsely contended Kidman and Urban were getting a divorce. Curiously, the tabloid made no mention whatsoever of that or its absurd tale about Kidman supposedly catching Jennifer Aniston having "secret rendezvous" with Urban. Regardless, those were provably untrue claims, and the current article about them having baby news is also a lie.

Unfortunately, the flimsiness of the magazine's reporting didn't stop the Australian version of Yahoo! from picking up the bogus claim for a story it titled, "Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 'broody' for baby number three." Nor did it deter a radio station from Down Under from posting on its website a piece with the headline, "Surprise baby news for 51-year-old Nicole Kidman." Based on the actress' own words, Kidman's rep speaking on her behalf, the deceptiveness of the tabloid's article, and its poor track record, Gossip Cop is giving the story a zero on our "Fact-or-Fiction" meter.

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